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Forth Capital is a leading financial planning and pensions advisory company, specialising in providing intelligent investment advice to international investors. Founded in 2004, we’ve been helping people who aspire to be financially independent achieve their goals ever since.

We are experts in providing investment and pensions advice and use our expertise to help our clients preserve their wealth, manage their assets and grow their investments.

Forth Capital advisers are experienced investment specialists who provide impartial advice that is tailored to your individual circumstances. As expats, our advisers understand the international nature of your investment decisions and help clients identify the most appropriate products and providers to suit their needs.

We are here to ensure that you live the life you want with the money you need. If you need tailored advice on your unique circumstances, contact us today and our expert advisers will help you every step of the way.

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As we all live longer, and with the cost of living continually rising,...

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For non-expats, currency exchange is only a concern when they come to collect...

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According to the European Central Bank, household savings have reached historically high levels...

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Thinking of Leaving Switzerland? Join us at our next seminar and start planning...

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Register for our upcoming seminar where expert speakers will provide an in-depth discussion...

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Team Spotlight

Mark Plummer

Mark Plummer

Regional Branch Manager (HK)

Mark Plummer Mark is a qualified Australian Financial Planner holding the Diploma in Financial Planning after...

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UK Pension Transfer Guide

Everything you need to know about transferring your UK Pension.

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