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Last week, HMRC announced that British expats with non-residence UK tax status who are stranded in the UK due to the coronavirus pandemic will be able to apply for special treatment under ‘exceptional circumstances’ if they have to stay in the UK longer than planned (resulting in the limit of the number of days allowed to be spent in the UK being exceeded).

This would include the following:

  • Those quarantined in the UK
  • Those asked to self-isolate for health reasons
  • Those who cannot return home due to border closures issues
  • Those told not to travel out of the UK by official government advice
  • Those asked to return to the UK temporarily by their employer because of coronavirus

Here is a useful link from the UK government regarding exceptional circumstances and this flowchart from Quilter International (formerly Old Mutual International) is helpful as a UK statutory residence test.

Some expats, on the other hand, have decided to return to the UK indefinitely.

A few tips for expats returning to the UK

  • There are different rules on taxation depending on the expat country of residency. Those moving back to the UK need to be aware of new tax rules that apply and can find some useful information on this UK government website.
  • Quilter International have also published a country guide to taxes on Quilter International bonds. This provides useful tax information for those with a Quilter international portfolio bond returning home. You will find the guide by clicking here.
  • Those returning to the UK should speak to their adviser for a full financial review and to ensure their finances are appropriate for the planned move. There are many different important factors to take into consideration.

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Sources: Quilter International and FT.com

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