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Taxation in France

It has been confirmed that the amount of tax that a British expat living in France has to pay will not change as a result of Brexit negotiations as tax agreements are negotiated with individual countries not with the EU as a bloc.  That is to say that the policy on Taxation in France is negotiated with France and not with the EU.

The double tax treaty, which ensures that people are not taxed twice on the same money, is a direct agreement between Britain and France.  Post-Brexit, however, British treatment of EU nationals living in the UK could affect the way that British expats are treated in France and elsewhere in the EU.  Countries such as Spain and France could introduce new tax rules specifically targeting British expats.

If Britain decides to remain part of the single market, nothing is likely to change as tax rules are the same for residents of the EU and the EEA.  Inheritance tax, local property taxes and stamp duty on property purchases would also remain the same because equal tax rules for locals and other Europeans are part of the principle of the free flow of capital within the single market.

However, in the event of a full Brexit from the single market as well as the Union it will no longer be necessary for EU countries to treat Britons the same as EU nationals.  If this were to happen then any advantages of being an EU national could be withdrawn.  Despite some cover being offered by the double taxation treaty, Britain would also be free to tax pensions that are transferred out of Britain.

It is also believed that former chancellor George Osborne was interested in a UK version of the US FATCA whereby British citizens would be liable to pay UK tax regardless of what country they live in.  Where the new chancellor, and PM, stand on this possibility remains to be seen.

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Trudi Hayes

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