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Watch our exclusive interview between Jim Rogers and Robert Harris, to learn what Jim thinks will be hot in 2015. 

Author: Tom Tracy

Dubai is hot, too hot, hotter than it was ever cold in Scotland, however according to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the whole world is heating up.

Last year 2 million millionaires were added to the list of high net worth individuals (HNWIs). That brings the total to 17million worldwide. As you would imagine, the majority are based in the USA, but as Jim Rogers and countless other economists have been stating for a long time, the land of opportunity is now in Asia. China is taking over the world.

According to BCG, in 2014, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) overtook Europe as the 2nd wealthiest region on the planet, is expected to trump North America by 2016 and is set to hold 34% of global wealth by 2019.

China ranked second in millionaire population but had the largest number of new millionaires in 2014. Its millionaire population grew to 3.6million from 2.4million in 2014, meaning the world’s second largest economy added more than half of the world’s 2 million new millionaires last year.

There are some other interesting facts – the highest concentration is in Switzerland where 13.5% of its population qualifies as HNWIs (perhaps old money?). There are also a few oil rich destinations featuring on the concentration list.

Are you on the list and if not how can you get on it?

To qualify as a modern day millionaire and be classed as a high net worth individual, you need to have at least 1million USD in investable assets i.e. not your residential property and not including business ownership.

This group controls 40% of the world’s private wealth, which in total is around 179 Trillion and by 2020 millionaires will control half of the world’s private wealth.

So where did this growth come from? New money, new business, entrepreneurs?

No, last year over 73% of this growth came from the stock market.

The wealthy hold lots of their money in equities and when stock markets rise, which they invariably do overtime, they make lots of money. Whilst the herd charges all over the place, the wealthy stay the course.

You are, where you are – you may be a HNWI, you may aspire to be one, either way, it is no good looking at what happened last year. It is this year and the next 5, 10, 20 that matter.

If you are a true investor, i.e. you have a keen interest in the financial markets, can spot trends, see opportunities and are willing to put your money on the table, you can beat wall street every time.

Invest in what you know! That is Jim Rogers mantra and it is a truism.

If however you want to make your wealth grow and want to listen to an expert look no further than Jim Rogers.

Jim is a legendary investor, setting up the Quantum fund with George Soros back in the 70s. The world’s first truly successful hedge fund. Jim invests in what he knows and he knows how the world works.

Find out where Jim Rogers thinks the opportunities lie this year in an exclusive short interview with Forth Capital’s Robert Harris.

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