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For many of our clients, years of disciplined saving may have or soon will, come to fruition. A substantial capital lump sum will be the reward for planning for the future. This will allow our clients to meet their goals and aspirations, whether that is sending their children to the very best universities or even entering a well-deserved, financially secure retirement. 

With record low-interest rates prevailing and with the ongoing uncertainty caused by Covid-19, it is more important than ever to avoid leaving large amounts of cash in a bank account. Though an emergency fund should always remain to give security over the short-term, capital above this should be invested to maintain its real value after inflation.

Planning the Next Destination

When one goal is reached, another awaits on the horizon and this is particularly true when managing our clients’ financial planning. If they were saving to cover university costs, once this goal has been achieved, their children will leave the nest and they will turn their attention to the future, with retirement often the next big milestone.

For our clients who are retiring, their pension will need to remain invested for hopefully decades to come. Inflation will still exist, as will the desire to maximise their lifestyles and to leave a legacy to their family. We will be on hand to plan those next steps with our clients and help them on their continued journeys.

Always Improving Our Service

As a company, Forth Capital have worked tirelessly to drive down costs for our clients by favouring platform-based investment solutions that deliver excellent value with reduced running costs. Our managed investment strategies are comprised of low-cost, passive investments, often referred to as ‘tracker funds’. These changes have allowed us to boost the performance of our clients’ funds, delivering outstanding outcomes, whilst also providing much needed security during a volatile 2020.  

Planning Your Next Destination

If you have worked hard to save and/or have a plan that has reached, or is approaching, maturity, please contact us to arrange a financial review with you to plot your next destination and support your financial future.

Forth Capital specialises in retirement planning, expat pensions and investments. Contact us HERE or call us at our Geneva office on 00 41 22 311 1441 or our UK office on 00 44 131 600 0625

Jamie Tulip is an adviser at Forth Capital.

Jamie Tulip

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Jamie Tulip

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