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Many studies have shown that people sell their investments near the bottom of a falling market. The greatest damage to investors’ portfolios is not caused by the fall in stock markets but by investors selling their funds when panicking, and then miss out on the subsequent market growth. By reacting in such a manner to market volatility, investors can cause a serious loss to their retirement income.

Forth Capital are in constant discussions with Morningstar regarding the Next Generation funds and are ensuring proactive monitoring, assessment and response to these exceptional circumstances.

Although the effect of coronavirus on the financial markets have been significant, Morningstar see minimal long-term economic impact. Morningstar has a large workforce across the world including in the areas where the outbreak first started, and they began organising their response to the outbreak in early January.

As stated by CEO, Kunal Kapoor, Morningstar’s mission is to empower investor success and they are committed and confident that with a sustained focus on long-term investing principals, investors will pull through this crisis.

For a reminder of what Morningstar stands for, see the graphs below:

Communications with our clients remains key, and if you missed it last week, here is an excellent video from Morningstar’s Daniel Needham where he talks about coronavirus, volatility and reminds us of good investment habits which are so easy to forget in tough times like this.

If you have any concerns or questions and would like to have a discussion with your adviser, please contact us.

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