Next Generation Strategies v Global Stock Markets



Many Forth Capital clients are invested in the Next Generation Investment Strategies managed by Morningstar. It is important to monitor portfolios in context with global stock market performance.

2018 Market Performance

Next Generation Growth Fund             -5.3%

S&P500                                                          -7.6%

Nikkei 225                                                   -12.1%

FTSE100                                                      -12.4%

ASX                                                               -13.0%

Eurostoxx50                                             -14.8%

The final quarter of 2018 was a testing one for the markets. US/China trade relations and monetary tightening alongside increasing interest rates by the US Federal Reserve caused global stock markets to fall. Stock markets had their worst December since the Great Depression in 1931 with the S&P500 falling 9.2%.

Since Inception 14 Feb 2016:

Next Generation Growth Fund          +35.5%

S&P500                                                      +33.9%

Nikkei 225                                                 +31.3%

FTSE100                                                     +13.1%

ASX                                                               +9.8%

Eurostoxx50                                              +4.0%


The Growth fund’s performance of +35.5% outperforms all major Indices whilst the Defensive fund’s growth of 7.7% has outperformed the bond market by around two thirds.

Next Generation Defensive fund       +7.7%

Global Bonds                                     +4.6%

The index-beating performance of the Next Generation funds again confirms our original objective to create strategies based on passive underlying investments that reduce costs and move in line with the markets and have a long-term outlook. History shows that when markets move, changes happen quickly. For this reason, it is imperative that investor portfolios are correctly matched to the underlying risk profile and that we don’t make the expensive mistake of trying to “time markets”.

We don’t know what 2019 holds but we do know that your pensions & investments are well-structured, robust and overseen by the world’s premier investment analysts.

Robert Harris
Partner & Head of Forth Capital’s Investment Panel
15 January 2019

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