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Passive investing is an investment strategy that tracks an index and focuses on increasing portfolio values. Day-to-day management of the portfolio itself is limited. Management costs are therefore significantly reduced. Research shows that passive investment consistently beats the returns of actively managed funds.

Forth Capital provides five low-cost investment portfolios to choose from, with each strategy designed to be aligned with your risk profile. A low-cost investment fund (or exchange-traded fund) will track popular markets and shares and provide you with a return on your investment in line with their success.

The performance of the Forth Capital Next Gen funds has improved in the first half of 2019, with strong rallies from both growth and defensive assets. Equities and corporate bonds delivered well, as did traditionally ‘safer’ assets such as developed government bonds, the Yen and gold.

We’re pleased to share the Morningstar Next Generation Fund second-quarter update video from Emma Morgan, Portfolio Manager at Morningstar. Click here to hear the latest:

All Forth Capital’s exclusive managed portfolios are:

  • frequently rebalanced – ensuring that the risks associated with certain investments are limited through diversification
  • diversified – to balance the risks and benefits of investing in multiple markets through our managed portfolios
  • simplified – so that you can make an investment decision quickly and easily with the help of our advisory team
  • lower cost – allowing you to invest a larger proportion of your capital directly into the fund.

Forth Capital specialises in expat pensions and investments  – to speak to one of our advisers click here or call 00 41 22 311 1441

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