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Cost of Living

Cost of living for expatriates varies greatly of course from country to country, and this means that budgeting can be very different too.

Smart Expatriation conducted a thorough survey of its users recently looking at expat budget planning in some key locations.  Some of findings, summarised in the infographic below, offer interesting reading.

The comparison of rental rates show New York to be the most expensive by a distance – more than 50% more expensive that in London.

Net take-home pay, using a 50,000 USD base, shows the effects of local tax.  Not only is New York the most expensive for accommodation, but it is also the second lowest in terms of net take-home pay after factoring in Social Contributions and Income Taxes.

Smart Expatriation’s conclusion is that of the 5 cities in focus, Dubai offers the most affordable environment – perhaps of little surprise due to the absence of Income Tax.

This infographic is used with the kind permission of Smart Expatriation.



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